Online Physiotherapy Counseling

MoovBuddy+ is accessible, practical and affordable way of physiotherapy. With the guidance of expert physiotherapists, regain your physical health with personalized and evidence-based exercise programs.

WHAT MoovBuddy+ IS?

In MoovBuddy+, your physiotherapist is with you, wherever you are!

Join online counseling sessions with your physiotherapist, wherever and whenever you want. Get access to your personalized exercise programme, prepared by your physiotherapist on MoovBudy. Evaluate your weekly progress with your physiotherapist and get healthier with each step.

How It Works?

  • Have The Pre-Interview for Free

    Make the first step by addressing your issue with the guidance of an expert physiotherapist in 15 minute free pre-interview. Meet with your physiotherapist, and get to know about the sessions and your recovery journey.

  • Book The First Session with Your Personal Physiotherapist

    A personalized physiotherapy is the key for an effective therapy in terms of time and quality. Have a quick start into your recovery journey according to your goals such as: reducing you pain, correcting posture, or increasing the range of motion. In one-on-one sessions, get your proper assessment and in light of your needs and lifestyle. After the session you’ll have the personalized exercise program designed by your physiotherapist.

  • Recovery On Your Pace

    Restore your physical health with exercise plan assigned by your personal physiotherapist in MoovBuddy App. Recover on your pace with the guidance of your physiotherapist with weekly meetings and close monitoring. While your physiotherapist will guide you, monitor your progress, and keep you on track, you will also have video-explained exercises within your reach every time.

Who Can Use MoovBuddy+ ?

Pain Management

If you suffer from back, lower back, shoulder, knee, hip, and other joint pains

Chronic Deseases

If you have chronic pain and chronic deseases such as fibromyalgia, and are looking for a solution

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

If you need to continue your physiotherapy rehabilitation after a surgery

Posture Problems

If you have posture disorders formed over time or caused by continuous desk work

Exercise Counselling

If you are unsure whether you are doing the movements correctly when you exercise or have pain while exercising

Movement Restrictions

If you can not move as you wish due to joint or muscle stiffness


1 Session
One on One Online Physiotherapy
15 Days MoovBuddy Premium Membership
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4 Sessions
One on One Online Physiotherapy
1 Year MoovBuddy Premium Membership
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2 Sessions
One on One Online Physiotherapy
1 Month MoovBuddy Premium Membership
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What Our Users Say?

Mehmet A.

I live in a place where there is no hospital access and I started to use it with the advice of my doctor after an operation. It accelerated the healing process beyond the doctors' expectations. Very useful and effective. Being able to do exercises wherever I want makes MoovBuddy very useful and special. Although I entered the application for physical therapy, I also had the opportunity to browse many exercises in different categories within the application, it is definitely very successful, thank you!

Serpil T.

MoovBuddy has helped me a lot with my long-standing problem of muscle weakness in my shoulders and legs. I have been to many physiotherapists, but I could not find the ideal exercise programme that would increase the mobility of my shoulders without putting pressure on my nerves and causing pain. I have been exercising with MoovBuddy regularly, every day if possible, and following the exercise levels in the application, and indeed, my search for a physiotherapist to solve my problem for years has ended with MoovBuddy.

Cansu Y.

I wanted to try MoovBuddy because I knew that going to physiotherapy at this time would be difficult for me both financially and in terms of time. I joined for my back and neck pain, which I thought was caused by desk work. With regular use, the pain is clearly reduced. In addition, there are many posture correction exercises in the application, I started doing them, it is an ideal service for desk workers. I also recommended it to my friends, thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions