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Employee Well-being

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Employee wellbeing initiatives are no longer just nice-to-have. 94% of employees expect benefits and perks that enhance their quality of life.

Why Should You Prioritize Employee Wellbeing Programs?

Increased Productivity

Prioritizing well-being in the workplace benefits employees and the business. Employee health and satisfaction are among the biggest factors affecting the productivity of companies.

Increased productivity of happy employees


Increase in revenue per employee

Employee Loyalty

Researches show that employee wellbeing programs contributes to increased engagement, increased employee loyalty, and increased effort to achieve goals.

Increased loyalty of happy employees

+ 3%

Increased employee engagement of happy employees

Reduction of Absenteeism

Sick leaves and reduced performance at work are among the biggest reasons for productivity loss and economic burden for companies. According to the findings, the distribution of the costs of yearly medical expenses (per person) for a company are:

Lower Health Care Costs

MSK conditions are among the highest cost burdens of chronic illness for companies. Every 3 to 5 workers in the EU report MSK complaints. For $1 invested in employee health and well-being, companies could cut back the costs of:

Saving per every $1 invested in employee wellbeing


Reduce medical costs by


Reduce absenteeism costs by

  • 1
    Happy Employee

    Happy employees build better relationships with the team and works more effectively.

  • 2
    Loyal Employee

    Loyal employees are more dedicated to develop their potential, and achieve goals.

  • 3
    Healthy Workplace

    A healthy workplace is the easiest way to achieve better engagement and success.

MoovBuddy for Businesses

MoovBuddy Premium

MoovBuddy is an AI-powered physical wellbeing app and your employees' buddy in their healthy living journey.
MoovBuddy creates a personalised health plan for each employee, helping them to stay active, healthy and happy. With daily stretching exercises MoovBuddy enables your employees to build habits for a healthy life.

Physical Health Webinar

Physical health and wellbeing is often overlooked. We help your employees gain a better understanding of these concepts.
Our webinar content is created by doctors who have at least 25 years of experience and is presented by our physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Offer your employees online sessions with our physiotherapists who have at least 3 years of clinical experience.
If your employees want to get an exercise prescription from a physiotherapists, or simply need an expert opinion they can freely talk to our physiotherapists. They can also follow their progress with a follow-up call.

Physical Health for Remote Workers

Remote work has led to changes in working environments, making ergonomics more important than ever. Since the shift to remote work, 70% of employees with MSK conditions have experienced increased back, neck, and lower back pain. While you can assist your employees with ergonomics in the office, you have limited control over their home office. They could use some extra help. Luckily, MoovBuddy is here to lend a hand.

Support Both Mental and Physical Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of your employees is important. Researches show that there is a strong correlation between physical health issues and mental health problems. Around 30% of individuals with chronic physical health conditions also experience mental health issues. For a better mental state, support your employees' physical health. Do you need help with it? Contact us, we are here to help.

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