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Companies that invest in employee well-being programs not only increase employee satisfaction but also increase their company value through higher employee productivity and performance.
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    Employee Health Packages

    MoovBuddy offers your employees a comprehensive health package that is both curing and preventive.

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    Better Employee Health

    Employee performance will improve when they achieve greater health and happiness.

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    Company Growth

    Companies will achieve greater efficiency with more productive and motivated employees.

Why Companies Should Prioritize Employee Wellness Programs?

Reduction of Absenteeism

Absenteeism (sick leave) and reduced performance at work (presenteeism) are among the biggest reasons for productivity loss and economic burden for companies. According to the findings, the distribution of the costs of yearly medical expenses (per person) for a company are:


Absenteeism with $520


Presenteeism with $3,055


Medical expenses with $1,165


Lower Health Care Costs

Preventive health promotion programs not only lower healthcare costs but also reduce absenteeism. For $1 invested in employee well-being, companies could cut back the costs of:


Amount invested for employee well-being


Reduce medical costs by


Reduce absenteeism costs by


MSK Related Costs

MSK conditions are one of the highest cost burdens of chronic illness for companies. Every 3 to 5 workers in the EU report MSK complaints. Since remote work, %70 employees with MSK conditions reported an increase in back, neck, and lower back pain. The most common MSK symptoms leading to loss of productivity are neck pain, lower back pain, limited mobility, and pinched nerves.


Percentage of all employees that have MSK disorders


Absenteeism is %15 higher among employees with MSK conditions compared to the others



Increased Productivity

Prioritizing well-being in the workplace benefits employees and the business. Employee health and satisfaction are one of the biggest factors affecting the productivity of companies. Companies that provide effective employee health programs:


Increased productivity of happy employees


Increase in revenue per employee



Why Moovbuddy?

Moovbuddy helps organizations boost their performance by increasing their employee health which leads to increased productivity. AI-powered personalized exercise programs, trained by expert physiotherapists, 1-on-1 physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition counseling sessions lead to the growth and achievement of goals for businesses by improving the productivity of employees. *

*MSK related problems are responsible for 40-50% of work related disease costs and 50% of more-than-3-day absences from work. 1 Also, MSK pain commonly reduces individual productivity by 33% or more, which results in a decreased efficiency of organizations. 2

What does MoovBuddy offer you?

On-demand Personalized Exercise Programs

MoovBuddy aims to increase the life quality of people who have physical health problems or aims to prevent these problems beforehand. To achieve this, we brought together the power of AI and the expertise of health professionals to offer the best possible tailor-made solutions. Our AI-powered algorithm prepares a personal exercise program based on each employee's conditions and needs.

1-on-1 Counseling Sessions

Online Physiotheraphy Sessions

We empower the physical health of your team by offering 1-on-1 counseling sessions with expert physiotherapists. They evaluate the condition of employee and prescribe the right exercise program which can be accessed easily on MoovBuddy App. Timely follow-ups are made on further sessions, the results can be tracked also within the app.

Online Psychology Sessions

Physical and mental health should be considered together. People with serious mental health conditions are at high risk of experiencing chronic physical conditions, and vice versa. Our packages include online sessions with licensed psychologists, to support your team and improve their well-being.

Online Nutrition Counseling

Dietary habit is one of the crucial elements that supports physical health. Expert dietitians in our team prepares a tailored nutrition program based on your employees’ needs and goals. Follow-up sessions take place to support them create healthy eating habits.

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