About Us

We dream to create equality in access to qualified healthcare for every individual in the world

Our Mission

Today’s working and living conditions have a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system of people. Disorders occurring due to this effect reduce people’s quality of life. MoovBuddy offers easy-to-do and affordable health solutions to treat musculoskeletal disorders and prevent them in the early stages.

Our Mission

Our life quality is being affected badly by back/neck pain, bad posture, and many MSK problems. Traditional healthcare services are still not focused on the preventive part. Moovbuddy is a preventive health solution that is more accessible, affordable, and adaptable for a person.
We strive to spread a healthy life-style with the help of scientific approach.







Our Values

Every individual deserves a proffessional and affordable healthcare.
Every individual has the right to access understandable health information.
Treat everyone equally and respect differences.
No mistake means no action.
Do it because you love it.

Our Team