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Moovbuddy Exercise App

Feel better with the programs which are created by doctors and physios

Track your pain status, activity history and your functionality through time

Stick to your program, stay motivated with reminders and recommendations

What Problems Can We Help You With?

Back and Neck Pain

You can relieve your upper/lower back and neck pain with stretching exercises in a controlled and effective way.

Physical Weakness

You can strengthen your muscles with specific exercise programs. The difficulty level of the exercises increases step by step.

Balance and Coordination Problems

You can improve your balance and prevent dizziness by performing balance and coordination exercises regularly.

Posture Disorders

You can do exercises which help you to have better posture. Posture exercises help you in kyphosis, scoliosis and bad posture.

Long Periods of Physical Inactivity

You can avoid numbness and stiffness which are caused by physical inactivity with simple exercises. You can do the exercises at your office or even during a flight.

Women’s Health

You can find exercises to relieve your pain during your menstruation/ PMS periods or pre/post-natal period. Restore your health against specific problems.

Nerve Entrapment

You can do exercises to relieve numbness, pain and tinglings which are caused by nerve entrapment in wrist, elbow or shoulder.

Stress and Insomnia

You can prevent insomnia and stress with simple and effective stretching exercises that you can do before sleeping. Finally, sleep like a baby and get rid of your stress.

Watch, Listen and Moov!

All exercise programs are created by doctors and physios!

What did users say about MoovBuddy?


Great App

Great App! It worked very well for me. Reduced pain and have a better posture now.


I am feeling stronger

The exercises were so benefitial after my injury in very short time. I am feeling stronger.


Great Results

I got great results after doing exercises on this App. Thank you!